Cookie Dough Boy

This project was my first completed mobile game, available on both iOS and Android. My brother and I hashed out the idea for the game and I set out to get it off the ground by learning Unity3d and coding the game from scratch in C#.

The game is a simple platformer involving 3 worlds consisting of 3 levels each - so 9 levels total. Each level is a kitchen containing obstacles you must jump over to reach the end and collect all of the 9 chocolate chips in order to beat the game.

I illustrated all of the graphics and composed all 7 songs that play in the game, using Logic Pro X. You can listen to the soundtrack here.

Skills I contributed to this project:
  • Illustration (Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Animate)
  • Animation (Adobe Animate)
  • Game Development (Unity3d)
  • Music Score (Logic Pro X)