This is an animated series I created in 2015 and consists of 22 episodes. It involves 3 main characters; a Triangle, a Square and a Circle. Pretty much every episode has them getting into some silly trouble, resulting in the death of one or all of the characters. They each have their own personality:

Triangle is the child-like whimsical shape of the group. He regularly causes trouble and flies by the seat of his pants.

Circle is also quite a causer of problems. It's his stubbornness that ultimately is always the end of him.

Square is the more grounded one of the group (which isn't saying a lot). He is frequently annoyed by the other 2 but for some reason sticks around anyway.

Heart is only in a handful of episodes. She is extremely dramatic, which makes her very excitable and at times, dangerous.

Shapes is co-produced by my buddy Frank Rast, a sound director at Tattoo Sound & Music and owner, director, producer and editor at FrankenMedia.

Skills I contributed to this project:
  • Illustration (Adobe Animate)
  • Animation (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Voice Over work