#4 - Psychedelic Eye Tutorial

Tutorial 2 - Eye Thumbnail.jpg


June 15, 2018

Below is the first tutorial I have ever created. It was super fun and actually much more challenging than I imagined. I made several mistakes, lingered in many areas and struggled with how much or little to explain everything. That was the most surprising part - constantly deciding whether to explain every step I'm taking or not.

I had to stop a few times and reassess where I was at so I could continue as smooth as possible. Funny enough, a wicked storm blew through while I was recording the power went out (knocked down countless trees all over the city) - leading to me doing the rest of the video a day later!

I really enjoyed the process and I'm looking forward to making another. I'm also keen on making more of those commentary style "tutorials" in which I explain my process after the fact.